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Report on the work of the Foundation (October)

Nerkin Getashen – 1 visit

Akhavnadzor – 1 visit

Jermuk – 1 visit

Gegharkunik – 1 visit

Martuni – 1 visit

Mehri – 1 online meeting

Mehri-Agarak – 1 online meeting

Vanadzor – 1 online meeting

Nerkin Getashen – 1 online meeting

Number of participants in group meetings – 196

Number of individual consultations – 15

In October we made cooperation with several organizations, such as NGOs “Armenian Dream”, Technical School MUNK, which was transferred from Artsakh to Tashir, the organization “Sport mission Armenia”. As a result of the meeting, we formed a working group that will work with social, humanitarian and psychological support for children internally displaced from Artsakh.

On October 5, we held an online meeting with teenagers living in the village of Lekhvaz Meghri district. The topic was psycho-emotional intervention. During the meeting discussed the differences and consequences of acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Very accessible, with examples, psychologist spoke about the mechanisms of self-regulation in emergency situations: breathing exercises, grounding, ways to quickly and effectively manage anxiety. And also held individual consultation.

On October 6, we held a group meeting on the topic: Psychological support for teenagers in crisis situations.

We visited Nerkin Getashen and held two group meetings. There was a meeting with psychologist, a discussion, format – questions and answers.

On October 11, we conducted group work with Artsakh students as part of cooperation with Children of Regions NGO mentors. It was quite emotional session, a lot of students were in difficult psychological condition.

On October 12, we had group and individual online classes with teenagers living in the Meghri-Agarak communities.

On October 13, we visited Aghavnadzor and worked with our compatriots from Artsakh. Our specialists carried out group and individual work with children and their parents.

On October 17, we visited Jermuk and held two group meetings. There was a very productive discussion with intensive question and answer session.

On October 24, we visited the Gegharkunik village high school. We held a group meeting (question and answer format), discussed the importance of accepting one’s emotions, the impact of unresolved trauma on the normal course of life, self-regulation mechanisms and a number of similar issues.

On October 26, we held an online group psychological meeting with teenagers from Vanadzor. It was question-answer session.

On October 31, we conducted group psychological work with adults and children who were internally displaced from Artsakh.

During regional visits we carried out group and individual psychological work. It was aimed at counteracting reactions and emotional stabilization of the psychological and emotional sphere of the participants. Working in group meetings had a therapeutic effect on some participants.

We also conducted educational programs together with our partners Children of Regions NGO. The number of educational programs this month was 3. Various topics were discussed, from self-determination of a profession to communication skills.

We conducted 7 group psychological works, 4 group psychological online meetings and 3 educational programs.

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