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The User Agreement

Before donating, please read thoroughly the donation agreement in this document (further the Agreement). We know that reading user agreements is not very interesting. However, you have to understand the rules of donating, as well as the corresponding rights and obligations.


1.1. The Foundation – The International Charitable Foundation “MIASIN”, established in The Republic of Belarus and registered on November 18, 2021 by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus, UNP 805004588, address: 220113, The Republic of Belarus, Minsk, st. Vostochnaya, d. 133, room 5n-9.

1.2. The Donor is a capable person over the age of 18 who intends to donate.

1.3. The Agreement is a public offer (proposal) of the Foundation to any Donor to conclude a donation agreement. The agreement is a contract of accession within the meaning of art. 398 of the Civil Code: By joining the Agreement, the Donor accepts all its conditions.

1.4. The Agreement regulates the relationship between the Foundation and the Donors arising from the use of the website and (or) the participation of the Donors in financing the provision of assistance to the citizens of Armenia affected by military operations, including through the use of the website of the Foundation (further the Website).

1.5. By making a payment on the Website, you agree to the terms of the Agreement (unconditional acceptance). The Agreement enters into force after the Donor clicks the “Donate” button in electronic form on the Website page or from the moment the Donor donates in another way. Drawing up (submission, exchange) of other documents for concluding a donation agreement is not required.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The Donor transfers the funds (donation) to the Foundation free of charge in the amount determined by the Donor, for the statutory purposes of the Foundation, which are specified in clause 2.2 of the Agreement. The Foundation accepts the donation received under the Agreement for use for the specified purposes.

2.2 of the Agreement. The Foundation accepts the donation received under the Agreement for use for the specified purposes.

2.2. The objectives of the Foundation:

2.2.1. Assisting the citizens of the Republic of Armenia who suffered during the conduct of hostilities or as a result of these actions, including psychological assistance to overcome the post-war syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD);

2.2.2. Social support and protection of citizens, including improving the financial situation of low-income people, the disabled and people who are unable to exercise their rights and legitimate interests independently due to physical and intellectual disabilities or other circumstances;

2.2.3. Promoting activities in the field of education, science, culture, art, enlightenment, and spiritual development of the individual.

2.3. The User can determine the specific purpose of the donation (within the purposes specified in clause 2.2) by indicating it in the “Description” section of the form on the Website.

2.4. If the Foundation is unable to use the donations received from the Donor for the specified specific purpose due to circumstances beyond the Donor’s and/or the Foundation direct control, the Donor agrees that the earlier donation may be used by the Foundation for other purposes specified in clause 2.2, at the discretion of the Foundation.

3. Terms of donation

3.1. The donor makes a donation in favor of the Foundation, which distributes in accordance with the purpose of donation.

3.2. The size of the donation is determined by the Benefactor. The donation is made in Belarusian rubles. The Foundation may provide for the possibility to transfer donations in foreign currency.

3.3. The Donor may choose to make donations by periodically automatically debiting funds (further the Subscription) in the manner prescribed by clauses 4.12-4.17 of the Agreement.

3.4. The Foundation provides the Donors with reports about funds received as a donation by posting it on the Website.

3.5. Civil law relations under a donation agreement arise exclusively between the Donor and the Foundation and are regulated by the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus in the part not regulated by the Agreement.

4. Procedure for making a donation

4.1. The Donor transfers the donation by using a bank payment card and the WEBPAY payment system, as well as any other method is not forbidden by legislation of the Republic of Belarus. The Foundation reserves the right to conclude donation agreements in a manner and/or on terms other than those specified in the Agreement.

4.2. The Donor completes the form which is available on the Website to donate. The last name, first name, e-mail address, amount, and currency of the donation are all specified by the Donor, and if the Donor prefers to donate anonymously, the last name and first name are not indicated. The Description section is optional.

4.3. When the Donor completes the preceding activities and selects the “Donate” button, the Website automatically redirects the Donor to the payment page of the payment service offered by MTBank CJSC (further referred to as the Payment Service and the Bank, respectively). The Donor completes the donation after entering the bank card information on the payment page and executing other activities required by the Payment Service rules (including clicking on the “Pay” button).

4.4. The Donor has the right to make donations using an unlimited number of bank cards.

4.5. The Foundation does not collect or keep bank card details, such as the entire card number, CVC/CVV code of the card, cardholder information, or any other data that might allow the use of bank card details for making payments outside of the Website and payment service.

4.6. After clicking the “Donate” button, the WEBPAY payment system will send an email notification of the donation to the email address specified by the Donor.

4.7. After making a donation using a bank card, the Benefactor must save the received notifications (payment confirmations) for verification with an extract from the card account (to confirm the transactions performed in case of disputes).

4.8. The Donor has the right to stop using all or any bank card when making donations at any time by deleting the data of this bank card through the use of the functionality of the Website.

4.9. The donation goes directly to the Foundation within the time limits set by the Payment Service. After receiving a donation, the Foundation receives the appropriate funds based on ownership and has the right to dispose of them by the terms of the Agreement and the requirements of the current legislation.

4.10 The Foundation may post on the Website information about Donors.


4.11 The Donor has the right to establish a Subscription, for which the Donor:

4.11.1. chooses the “Monthly” function in the form on the Website;

4.11.2. specifies the email address, the currency of the donation, and the amount, which will be deducted monthly from the bank account to which the Donor’s bank card has been issued;

4.11.3. inputs the bank card information on the Payment Service’s page;

4.11.4. leaves the section “Description” of the form blank (it is assumed that the objective of the donation is the statutory goals of the Foundation);

4.11.5. hits the “Donate” button, which directs it to the recurrent (automatically repeated) donation registration page.

4.12 After connecting the Subscription, payments are paid monthly and automatically from the Donor’s bank card, i.e. without additional confirmation from the Donor, in the amount specified by him when the Subscription was connected.

4.13. The payment service does not guarantee the possibility of successful transactions with the Donor’s bank card. The Foundation or the Payment Service has the right to repeat a request to debit funds from a bank card in case of an unsuccessful operation (for example, due to insufficient funds) at the next such request.

4.14. The Donor has the option to cancel the Subscription at any time by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link. The Foundation sends this link to the Donor when connecting the Subscription to the e-mail address specified by the Donor in the form on the Website.

4.15. A receipt for the recurring donation is sent to the Donor’s email address specified when connecting the Subscription, upon completion of each financial transaction.

4.16. To make recurring payments, the Foundation receives from the Payment Service and stores the payment instrument token, which is necessary to authorize a bank card when donating. The payment instrument token does not contain confidential information (it is a non-confidential equivalent), it is a link that allows the Payment System to identify the payment instrument.

Commission compensation

4.17. The Donor does not pay any commission or other fees (tariffs) to the Foundation while donating. The rules of the Payment Service may provide for the obligation of a person to pay a commission and other fees (tariffs). The Foundation is not responsible for the actions of the Payment Service, therefore the Donor independently gets acquainted with commissions and other fees (tariffs) established by the Payment Service.

4.18. A financial transaction involving a donation via an electronic form on the Website is carried out using the Payment Service’s payment page in accordance with the rules specified by the Payment Service and the Bank. The Foundation does not make or ensure the execution of donations, does not receive funds from Benefactors, the Payment Service, or the Bank for collection, does not reserve funds with the Payment Service or the Bank, and does not return donations.

Donation reimbursement

4.19. The Donor has the right to address any claims relating to donating to the Foundation, the Payment Service, the Bank, or the bank that issued the Donor’s bank card (depending on whose area of responsibility includes the problems that have arisen as a result of the financial transaction’s implementation).

4.20. The Donor has the exclusive right to address claims for the return of a donation in connection with the Foundation’s violation of the conditions of the donation agreement (misuse of the Payment) and the cancellation of the donation to the Foundation.

Refusal of a contribution

4.21. The Foundation reserves the right to deny the donation at any moment before to transfer and within 15 working days of transfer. If a donation is refused after it has been transferred, the Foundation restores the donation within 7 working days of the denial decision. The Agreement is regarded ended in this situation the minute the Foundation decides to decline. If the donation cannot be transferred to the Donor, it remains at the disposal of the Foundation.

5. Responsibility. Dispute Resolution

5.1. All relations between the Foundation and Donors arising from the execution of the Agreement, including those not regulated by the Agreement, are governed by the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

5.2. The Donor guarantees and confirms that he is the legal owner of the bank card which he uses while donating. The Donor is responsible for the illegal use of a bank card (money placed on the bank account to which the bank card was issued) by applicable law.

5.3. The Foundation and the Benefactors will make every reasonable effort to resolve disputes and disagreements that have arisen between them in connection with the Agreement, through negotiations or by sending written claims. Disputes and disagreements that are not settled out of court are subject to consideration in court at the location of the Foundation.

6. Additional provisions

6.1. The Foundation has the right to send commercial mailings to the Donors’ addresses. In this case, the Foundation requests the consent of the Donor to receive advertising mailings. The Donor may unsubscribe from advertising mailings at any time.

6.2. The Agreement is open-ended and will remain in effect until the day after notice of termination is posted on the Website.

6.3. By carrying out the acts specified in the Agreement, the Donor affirms that he is familiar with the Agreement’s text and the goals of the Foundation, is aware of the significance of his actions, has the full right to commit to them, and fully accepts the conditions of the Agreement.

6.4. The Foundation has the right to withdraw the public offer to conclude a donation agreement by removing the Agreement from the Website.

6.5. The Foundation has the right to unilaterally change the terms of the Agreement at any time without giving reasons. Changes and additions to the Agreement come into force from the day following the day they are posted on the Website. If the Donor does not agree with the changes to the Agreement, the Donor have to mark the Subscription and (or) not make donations.

6.6. The invalidity of one or more terms of the Agreement does not entail the invalidity of all other terms of the Agreement.

7. Funding Requirements

7.1. The International Charitable Foundation “Miasin”, fundmiasinby@gmail.com, +375291880901.

7.2. 220113, The Republic of Belarus, Minsk, st. Vostochnaya, b. 133, room 5n-9.

7.3. UNP 805004588.

7.4. Priorbank OJSC, IBAN BY33PJCB30150710291000000933, SWIFT PJCBBY2X.

Charitable payment is made online by bank card through the Webpay system.

1. A secure WEBPAY server makes an encrypted connection using the secure TLS protocol and receives the client’s payment card data (card number, holder’s name, expiration date, and CVC/CVC2 bank card control number) in a secure manner.

2. After making a payment with a bank card, keep the received card checks (payment confirmations) for verification with an extract from the card account (to confirm the transactions made in the event of a dispute).

3. If you have not received your order (service has not been rendered), please contact (technical support service) at +375291880901 or fundmiasinby@gmail.com. Managers will help you.

4. If the payment was made via bank card, the refund will be made to the same card.

The International Charitable Foundation “MIASIN”

Armenian Branch

Address: Yerevan Shengavit, Garegin Nzhdeh 48/2, room 111

ITN: 02298433

Bank: “ACBA Bank” JSC Branch Davtashen

Bank account: 220293350496000 AMD

Social media: Instagram / Facebook

The Director of the Branch Arthur Yeghiazaryan




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