Логотип Миасин

The International Charitable Foundation "Miasin"

The International Charitable Foundation “Miasin” was registered by The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus on November 18, 2021, by decision No. 199.

The goals of the Foundation “Miasin”:

  1. Financial, psychological, and social assistance to the citizens of Armenia who have suffered during the hostilities or in the zone of armed conflict, as well as comprehensive assistance to their family members.
  2. Material and legal assistance to citizens who have become disabled or who have received psychological illnesses that prevent them from taking care of themselves independently. Also improving their financial and social situation.
  3. Organization of educational, educational, and cultural events aimed at psychological and spiritual assistance to affected people, their social promotion, and integration into society.
  4. Creating a strong partnership between Belarus and Armenia, based on peacefulness, humanism, and the exchange of cultural values and knowledge.

The objectives of the Foundation “Miasin”:

  1. Charitable activities are diverse and versatile.
  2. Collecting donations from all caring people to achieve our clear and bright goals.
  3. Developing relationships with other countries for the combined implementation of projects, finance, and the exchange of experience in charity.
  4. Cooperation with state authorities to coordinate our efforts and effective, transparent operation of the Foundation.
  5. Development and implementation of educational, cultural projects intended at spiritual enrichment, healing, developing amicable links between people, and overcoming interethnic enmity.

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