Логотип Миасин

About Us

We are the International Charitable Foundation that assists Armenians who have been directly affected by the war or have suffered as a result of its consequences. Our Foundation is a large family that will become personal to anyone in need. A family which will work together to achieve a common goal: in a future Armenian society lives in harmony with itself and with the rest of the world. We are confident that this goal is understandable and achievable. Our slogan is “Working Together for the Future.”

Благотворительный фонд Миасин
We assist veterans, their families, and all Armenians whose lives have been impacted by the war.
Благотворительный фонд Миасин
Благотворительный фонд Миасин
Благотворительный фонд Миасин
Our programs are aimed at helping people who have become disabled, who have received psychological trauma, and who have experienced the bitterness of loss.

Since 2021, our psychologists have been assisting people in surviving the personal tragedy brought on by the war. We want to demonstrate to everyone that what happened to him was more than just his anguish.

This is a common burden that everyone will be able to bear with the aid of a vast and understanding family – the Foundation “Miasin”. We assist veterans, their families, and all Armenians whose lives have been impacted by the war.

We are certain that a mentally healthy society today is the key to future generations’ well-being. “Miasin” runs the largest humanitarian projects in Armenia to do this. We offer more than just medical and psychological support. The paths to mental wellness are already close to our nation. We help people find themselves and heal their souls through the beauty of our nature, art, and culture.

Our Contacts

Director: Narek Grigoryan

Why does the Foundation require donations?
The activity of the International Charitable Foundation “Miasin” would not have been possible without donations and sponsorship! We require continuous funding to be able to exist and to assist. The activities of the Foundation are entirely funded by donations from individuals and businesses.
Who decides where the money goes for?
Individual contributions can only be used for the statutory operations of organization, unless otherwise mentioned in the purpose of the payment. Companies make charitable donations in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated July 1, 2005 No. 300 "On the provision and use of gratuitous (sponsorship) assistance," an agreement is concluded for the provision of gratuitous (sponsorship) assistance, which clearly defines the goals to which facilities could be used.
How can I be certain that the activities of the Foundation are legal?
Our statutory and other documents are available for viewing and downloading. The reports are available on the website.
What funds are used by the Foundation?
All of our work is supported by philanthropic contributions. The majority of our funding comes from donations from people. Companies also assist us.
Are there any restrictions on donations?
Any amount of your contribution helps us to improve someone's life.
How secure is sponsor’s data?
When a client makes a charitable donation through the website, a secure WEBPAY server establishes an encrypted connection using a secure TLS protocol and receives the client's plastic bank card data (card number, holder's name, expiration date, and CVC / CVC2 bank card control number) confidentially. We do not divulge or transmit our sponsors' personal information to third parties.
Why is regular donation important?
We take responsibility for program implementation. Regular donations enable us to plan activities, understand opportunities, and provide monthly project assistance.
Can I donate only via the website of the Foundation?
No, there are numerous methods to support. There is full information about all ways to donate on the "How to Donate" page.
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