Логотип Миасин
Publication year

Report on the work of the Foundation (May)

Vagarshen – 1 visit

Vardadzor – 1 visit

Number of participants in group meetings – 44

Number of individual consultations – 8

Number of individual psychotherapeutic sessions – 9

In April, we continued the implementation of our program in the Martuni community and nearby villages.

We carried out group and individual psychological work. The main aim was counteracting reactions and emotional stabilization of the psychological and emotional conditions of the participants. Working in group meetings often has a therapeutic effect on some participants.

Also our work was focused on individual psychotherapeutic sessions.

By the cooperation with MEM, we conducted group psychological work with teenagers in the Vardadzor community .We have 2 group sessions with teenagers 14-17 years and 12-13 years.

There was a discussion of various issues and practical exercises.

We discussed many issues related to:

  • stress,
  • a feeling of anxiety,
  • emotional intelligence,
  • with mental processes in everyday life.

The exercises were aimed at cohesion, the development of interpersonal relationships and the development of emotional intelligence.

We also had a meeting with the Governor of Kotayk. We have reached an agreement for collaboration. We are planning to visit Kotayk in June for the first time.


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