Логотип Миасин
Publication year

Report of the work of Foundation (January)

New Kharberd- 1 visit

Akhtsk village – 1 visit

Masis – 1 visit

Number of individual consultations – 7


This month our work was focused on individual consultations and other types of work.

On January 22 we visited New Kharberd and Masis. Together with MEM we visited two families in these areas. We provided them with material assistance and psychological work.

On January 24, we visited the Akhtsk village. The difference and consequences of acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder were discussed during the meeting. The psychologist spoke about the mechanisms of self-regulation in emergency situations: breathing exercises, grounding, ways to quickly and effectively manage anxiety.

Group and individual psychological work was carried out aimed at counteracting reactions and emotional stabilization of the psychological and emotional sphere of the participants during regional visits.

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