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Report on the work of the Foundation (January)

In January we had 2 visits to Gyumri and 2 visits to Chambarak to carry out preliminary administrative work.

During our visit to Chambarak, we met with the Deputy Head of the Chambarak community Robert Ohanyan. During the meeting, we spoke about the importance of providing psychological assistance to the war veterans in the Chambarak community and discussed the ways how to realize it. From the social department of the Chambarak municipality we were provided with all necessary informatiom.

We have also chosen a suitable place for organizing group and individual meetings. World Vision International — an international charitable organization provided 2 rooms for the implementation of our charitable program.

During our visit to Gyumri, we met with the Acting Head of the Health and Social Welfare Department Leyli Aslanyan. We talked about the importance of providing psychological assistance. During the second visit, we met with the Executive Director of Gyumri Medical Center Armen Isahakyan and discussed issues of cooperation. At the end of the meeting, we reached mutual cooperation.

We also settled several administrative issues for individual psychological therapy in Gyumri.

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